Kathryn Wiley | Rockin Baby Founder

Kathryn, Founder of Rockin Baby discusses her top tips for Women in Business

What advice would you share with somebody looking to balance their work/life?

Before I had kids, I was fairly organized, but the more children I have had, my organization has become an integral part of having work/life balance.  The less chaos I have, the easier it is to stop and engage with your family and enjoy life together!

What time management tips would you share?

I make lists for every task, big and small, so It doesn’t have to live in my head.  I can trust that I have thought about it and I will get to it when I have time to spare.  When things get very busy, I truly only think about my family and my responsibilities at Rockin’ Baby.  I take the pressure off of being a Super Woman and just get through the busyness.  I set realistic expectations of how long things take, and I always put my phone down and engage with the people around me.

How could somebody improve their confidence?

By not listening to the many voices around you telling you how you can be a better version of you!  Do your best, and don’t compare yourself to others.  None of us will be the perfect Pinterest Mom, and that is ok!