Are your property and assets adequately insured?

Fire, flood, storm damage or even a burst pipe. There are many ways your property and assets could become damaged. It is only when you’re affected that you find out whether the insurance you have adequately covers your losses.

To make sure it does, those responsible for arranging cover must provide your insurer with all the correct and relevant information. The following tips will help with this.


The sum insured must cover demolition and clearance costs as well as the cost to rebuild should your premises suffer irreparable damage. You must also include professional fees plus VAT at 20%.  As property values are likely to rise over time, we recommend getting a building valuation at least every 5 years. Visit Jonathan Cornes Associates.

Tenants Improvements

If you rent rather than own your premises, check your lease to find out what you, as the tenant, are responsible for such as redecoration costs. Also, if you make any changes to the building, such as adding toilets, you must insure these costs too.


From books and toys to fixtures and furniture, just think what it would cost to replace everything in your nursery, including items that may be out of sight or in storage. When you add it up, you might be surprised by what you have and how much contents cover you need within you toddler group insurance.

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    • AVIVA has won many awards for service and innovation and has developed leading technology specifically designed to improve claims management
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