Protect your business if disaster strikes with Business Interruption Insurance tailored to your requirements

While no one expects a disaster to strike their nursery business, when it does, it’s vital to have Business Interruption Insurance in place, alongside your buildings and contents cover.

When business interruption protection is correctly arranged, you’ll be protected against loss of revenue and additional staff costs. Without it, the financial impact of a serious situation could cause your nursery to close for good. Which is why preschool insurance is extremely important to you.

Why this kind of cover is so important

The most common reason for needing this cover is when a property is damaged due by fire or flood. But business interruption insurance can have major benefits:

  • When there is an outbreak of a specified disease
  • When there is a failure of utilities
  • When safeguarding incidents result in staff being suspended

It pays to have a plan

When an incident seriously damages your premises, you would ideally look to find alternative accommodation to avoid closure. This could include installing temporary structures such as Portacabins.

To help both you and your insurer in such a situation, we recommend putting together a business continuity plan, outlining what should happen in the event of a disaster or serious loss.

Our business continuity plan template will help with this, visit our helpful document page.

Loss of Revenue Sum Insured

To ensure your business interruption cover is adequate, the Loss of Revenue sum insured should be based on your projected turnover for the forthcoming period to ensure that your income is fully protected should a nursery setting have to close. This should take into account future growth including any planned increasing of fees and occupancy.

Indemnity Period

Your business Interruption insurance covers losses in turnover from the date an incident occurs right up to when your turnover returns to where it would have been had the loss not occurred.

The period providers usually offer is 12 months – however in our experience this is not usually enough time to recover your customers who will have had to arrange nursery facilities elsewhere, if your nursery is closed.

Nurseries should consider extending this period to 18 or 24 months or 36 months for larger settings.

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Cover Guidance

A closer look at business activities

Our experience has taught us that no two nurseries are the same. Whilst it’s easy to assume your insurer is aware of and covers you for the range of activities…

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    Added benefits

    With your policy, you will gain access to:

    • AVIVA is the UK’s largest general insurer; ultimately providing additional strength and expertise to dot2dot
    • AVIVA share our passion to work closely with nurseries and will ensure we continue to enhance our insurance cover and provide additional solutions and services
    • AVIVA has won many awards for service and innovation and has developed leading technology specifically designed to improve claims management
    • AVIVA has a strong reputation for working closely with their customers to actively defend appropriate claims – an approach that has identified them as a market leaders