Liability cover can be complex

Liability claims can be varied and complex and when they arrive the allegations made can be quite a worry.

Employers Liability

It is widely understood that like all business, nurseries have a legal obligation to their employees. Employers Liability insurance is compulsory and is standard across the market with a Limit of Indemnity at £10 million.

Public Liability incorporating Medical Treatment and Breach of Professional Duty

Our legal advisors confirm that there is a grey area around how Public Liability/Medical Treatment and Breach of Professional Duty covers cross over. We therefore incorporate Medical Treatment and Breach of Professional Duty covers within our Public Liability section to the full policy limit of £5 million

Public Liability traditionally covers your legal liability for accidental loss or damage to third party property and death or injury to persons other than employees arising in the course of your business. In the case of nurseries, this will relate to children, parents and any other visitors. The majority of claims involving injury to people or property will fall within this cover.

Medical Treatment insurance is generally assumed to apply only to people or businesses working in the medical profession. However, more nurseries are providing care for children with specialist medical needs, which often means staff have to be trained in the use of EpiPens etc In addition, staff apply first aid and administer both over-the-counter medicines such as Calpol and prescribed medicines.

Breach of Professional Duty cover your legal liability for loss or damage to third parties arising out of your professional negligence. For nursery businesses, this cover applies to death or injury to nursery children alleged to be caused by the failure of nursery staff in their professional duties. We understand there is increasing pressure on nursery settings to educate children and also track their developments, which could increase their exposure to claims in this area. Claims would typically arise from allegations of inadequate supervision or training of staff or failure to identify a specific concern.

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