Property valuations from BCH

Barrett Corp Harrington (BCH)

Underinsurance is a bigger threat than ever—to put that into context, BCH has to date (November 2022) surveyed over 280 nurseries and 86% of the properties were underinsured. BCH believes underinsurance is a ticking timebomb as many businesses believe a large claim will never happen to them or rely on an outdated valuation or a bank valuation (which often excludes site clearance cost and VAT).

As a company regulated by the RICS, BCH provides RICS compliant Reinstatement Cost Assessments (RCAs) for accurate property insurance valuations – protecting you from the risk of underinsurance.

With a national team of qualified Surveyors, BCH can provide a local service – offering our surveying expertise with knowledge of your local area. BCH will visit your property(ies) to assess all aspects and provide an accurate property insurance valuation, BCH also offers desk-based benchmark valuations a Benchmark Desk-based Validation is a professional, data-driven alternative to Reinstatement Cost Assessments.