Name The Bear

Stanley has a girlfriend – Help us give her a name!

girly-bearThis Friday, to coincide with the inaugural Blue and Yellow Day here in Bolton we’re helping raise money for the dot2dot charity of the year, Bolton Lads and Girls Club

Stanley has been a bit lonely over recent times and he’s been out and met a lovely teddy bear companion. She doesn’t currently have a name though. We’re asking you to help us give her a name.

We have a competition running which you have the choice of 10 names to pick from. The people who have chosen the winning name will then be placed into a draw to win a build-a-bear cuddly version of Stanleys new playmate.

We’re asking for a minimum donation of £5 to enter into the draw.

Our good friends and fellow BLGC Patrons over at Relative Marketing have created this page on our website for you to enter the competition.

The Names To Select From are:

Amelia Charlotte Betsy Jemima
Seren Dottie Angel Daisy
Flora Willow Ellie

Complete the form below and submit your answer. You will then be redirected to a page where you can follow the link to our Just Giving donation page. Your answer will only be counted after your donation.

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    Bolton Lads and Girls Club has now been offering help to the young people of Bolton for over 120 years.

    Now, in 2016 they are one of the biggest Youth Clubs in the UK, welcoming young people aged 8-21 years-old, up to 25 years-old for youngsters with disabilities.

    dot2dot is a Bolton based company and feel part of the local community and economy. We want to give back and help our local community thrive. We firmly believe the Bolton Lads and Girls Club to be the best vehicle for us to do this.

    What do they do?

    They are dedicated to offering young people fun and exciting ways in which to spend their free time. The Club aims to help the young people of Bolton become the happy, caring and responsible citizens of tomorrow by providing somewhere to go that’s fit for purpose, something to do that is developmental and challenging and above all someone to talk to who genuinely is interested.

    They deliver a wide variety of programmes to young people each week ranging from recreational opportunities, performing arts, and a diverse range of sporting activities. They also provide intensive support, guidance and training for some of the town’s most at risk youngsters via mentoring in one-to-one and group sessions.

    The Club is committed to providing opportunities that recognise and respect cultural differences and encourage integration, and inclusive activities that enable full participation from all of the town’s communities and young people of all abilities.