Webinar Recording: Practice for tomorrow – What can Montessori offer you?

Webinar Recording: Practice for tomorrow

If you missed the webinar, here is the recording of the session.

dot2dot and Montessori Centre International (MCI) have a long history of collaboration and friendship and are pleased to come together for this webinar topic. In today’s ever-changing world, nurseries are a constant, where children are supported and are allowed to grow and develop attributes and skills that underpin their future success. Practitioners are constantly reflecting on their practice and continuing their own journey in support of quality provision. This webinar will provide an opportunity to discuss Montessori pedagogy and approach in practice is and hopes to stimulate your curiosity.
Hosted by Ruth Pimentel, who has operated Montessori and non-Montessori settings, Ruth will be chatting with Jeremy Clarke, Head of Digital Education at MCI,  Preeti Patel, Head of Education at MCI, and Amira al-Eghel, a Montessori graduate with two children that were educated in Montessori and two that were not and now teaches in a Montessori setting.

This webinar will look at :

  • How can Montessori
    • Enhance the quality standards of your business
    • Enrich experiences for your children
    • Develop your staff
    • Engage your community
  • How Montessori dovetails with the EYFS.

To register for this free session, please click on the following link