Is your visitors’ book GDPR Compliant?

One thing you may have overlooked in the build-up toward GDPR is your visitors’ book. The visitor book most likely sits in your reception day-in-day-out and is full of easily accessible personal information. Anyone coming into your business can take a quick peek at who’s been there before them.


With a traditional visitors’ book, not only are you inadvertently sharing people’s personal data but the visitor’s book may be giving away more than you’d like. i.e. meetings with solicitors, investors or the local authority. This can quickly create speculation and gossip, regardless of the nature of your meeting.


To help with GDPR compliance and maintain confidentially you can either chose low or high tech?


We are seeing some nurseries using tablets computers to capture visitor information using something as simple as a Google form. Why not ask your IT provider for help and to make sure it is secure. You can quickly get the information you need from visitors and have it stored on your system in case access is required.


The other option is low tech, invest in a new GDPR compliant visitor book, like this one. These books allow guests to sign themselves in without seeing the personal data of other visitors. If you need to see who is the building, in the event of a fire, for example, the hidden pages can be pulled apart to see the full information beneath.

GDPR Compliant Visitor Book

We’re not GDPR experts and you might have a better way of capturing visitor information securely but I wanted to share with you a quick way to help with GDPR compliance, especially when it might be the first thing visitors see.