Is it necessary to carry out a risk assessment in respect of a child who attends nursery with a medical condition?

Children with medical conditions generally have individual needs that must be identified and addressed ahead of them attending a nursery setting. A risk assessment is an ideal tool to understand the child’s requirements which will help you maintain a safe environment for that child. The document will also require you to seek guidance from all relevant parties including the parents and medical professionals. During the process you will identify what additional resources are required to support the child and in some cases may result in you facing a difficult decision as to whether you can adequately manage the child’s requirements.

Over the years we have supported clients who have come across a range of medical issues ranging from food allergies to life limiting illnesses. Children with these types of illnesses carry increased risks both to themselves and others. A nursery will do everything possible to provide a safe environment but unfortunately sometimes incidents occur and if allegations result, it is important that you have the right paperwork to protect you.

At dot2dot we only need you to let us know when a child attending nursery with a medical condition is considered a high risk following an assessments being completed. However, not all insurers have the same stance and therefore we recommend you notify your insurers of all cases of children attending your settings who have medical conditions.

This is a complicated subject and this is only a brief resume of our knowledge so if you require any further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact the dot2dot team on 01204 570390.


jackie hyde