Employee Dishonesty

What is employee dishonesty insurance?

An employee dishonesty insurance policy protects your business from any financial loss that may be incurred as a result of fraudulent activities committed by employees. This financial loss could be due to the theft of money by an employee, the theft of securities or any other property that is owned by the employer.

Why do I need employee dishonesty insurance?

Whilst it is likely that the majority of your employees are trustworthy, you can’t guarantee that you won’t ever be affected by issues such as theft or embezzlement. This can hit smaller businesses harder because they aren’t always able to afford expensive protection systems or be in a position to absorb any losses. Employee dishonesty insurance ensures that you are always protected.

What will be covered by this policy?

The most basic employee dishonesty policies will cover any manner of theft conducted by an employee. Coverage can also include computer and credit card fraud, theft of property, forgery, counterfeiting and numerous other forms of malpractice, such as leaking sensitive information to other businesses.

Our policies can cover all employees that work for your business, which can include full and part-time staff, groups of employees, staff that are on loan to you, and those on work experience. This ensures that your business and finances are protected as much as possible.

Are there any limitations to this policy?

At dot2dot we aim to tailor an insurance package to suit your specific requirements. In order to be covered by our employee dishonesty policy, you will be required to maintain our minimum standards of control and meet a policy limit of £5,000.

If you have any specific questions surrounding employee dishonesty insurance for nurseries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our expert team today.