Celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee at Nursery?

Like us, we are sure you are looking at ways to celebrate and commemorate the Queen’s Jubilee next month. As you know the dot2dot nursery insurance policy has a wide business description, which allows you to undertake and attend different activities with the children in your care.
Cover is included for:
  • Days out to zoos, farms, libraries, shops etc
  • Forest and Beach school activities
  • Lessons from Third Party providers e.g. swimming, dancing and PE type activities
  • Children’s parties within the nursery premises
  • Open days/fundraising events including bouncy castle hire, face painting, firework displays, sale of books and goods within the nursery (i.e. book clubs etc)
  • Sale of products including nursery goods, nappies, milk etc and birthday cards
  • Attendance at local carnivals, walks and processions
  • Hire of rooms for training activities to local authorities including councils, Early Years representatives etc.

However, some specific activities require a little more information is provided to insurers.


Attending a Jubilee Parades with Nursery
Nurseries can support local parades and carnivals, however, if you are travelling on a float at a parade, please let us know so we can refer this to insurers.


Hiring a Bouncy Castle for a Nursery Event
Fetes and fairs often raise the question of whether or not a bouncy castle should be provided as an attraction.

If hiring, the equipment should be hired from a reputable company that will set up the inflatable and provide guidance on its capacity.

‘Hire of bouncy castles’ is included as part of our standard business description but insurers will request

  • At least 1 staff member is in attendance at all times whilst the inflatable is in use (ideally two staff)
  • The children are split by age group
  • The insurance details of the hirer are checked and logged. Ask your Account Handler for a form to help you with this.


Regardless of the activities that you choose to offer, from an insurance perspective, in the event of an accident, it’s important to be able to provide quality documentation such as risk assessments specific to the activity.